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Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer
President, Health Well Done

Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer As president of Health Well Done, Her mission is to share her knowledge and experience of healthcare project management with a wider audience to lead healthcare into the future.

She is the "Healthcare Project Coach" and has developed a 3-step integrated approach to managing healthcare projects. Although her skill set is vast her greatest expertise revolves around the world of creating patient centered environments and seeing things through a patient’s eyes. Cathy possesses an impressive and diverse background. Prior to starting Health Well Done she worked at Stamford Hospital (Planetree Hospital) located in Stamford, CT.

As a senior project manager for 14 years and before that spent 5 years as an outside consultant and Director of Training for Q&A Project Management Services Company, managing real estate and construction projects. She is currently writing a book called "DONE" The Clinical

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Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer

In Other Words- The Clinical and Construction Guide to Building Patient Centered Environments

How many times does a team push to get projects done to meet the bottom line? The budget and schedule are always priorities and communication falls low on the list. Everybody is concerned how to do the project, not about the project's outcome.

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