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Richard Melancon
Accountant and Business Consultant , Richard A Melancon,CPA

Richard Melancon CPA is a New Orleans-based accountant and business consultant with our 25 years of direct experience helping companies grow.

Mr. Melancon started his accounting career with KPMG working for small and large companies to improve the efficiency of their processes, build internal controls to reduce theft and spoilage, and upgrade the information processing systems to improve the quality of decision-making data available to the owners.

Mr. Melancon has written three books, is a professional speaker, business consultant, and accountant. He holds three degrees (Management, Accounting, and the MBA). He holds the designation as Certified Information Technology Professional and Certified Global Management Accountant as well as the Certified Public Accountant license.

This unique experience allows Mr. Melancon to see many companies in many industries and to bring to you all of the best practices from multiple industries. There are many consultants in the marketplace. There are few who have the experience and insight that Mr. Melancon has developed to solve your challenges.

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Richard Melancon

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