Preventing Recalls & Product Liability in New Product Development

Randy Goodden
Randy Goodden
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Some products in specific industries, such as consumer products, automotive, food and pharmaceutical have to be designed and manufactured in compliance to that industry's regulatory requirements, which is wrongly viewed as the only safety requirement the manufacturer needs to really focus on in design, but such regulatory requirements offer no guarantee or assurance that the product is then 'safe'.

The Legal community looks at regulatory requirements as a 'minimum requirement', and fully expects the manufacturer to not only comply with voluntary and regulatory requirements, but go above and beyond any such requirements to ensure their products will be safe and reliable for their intended use, as well as considering 'foreseeable misuse' hazards. There are unique elements related to the design of any specific product that the regulatory agencies aren't going to ever review or be aware of, or have the capability of recognizing, to determine if those elements could potentially be harmful. This is what the government agencies and Legal community fully expect the manufacturer to determine.

Why should you Attend:

One of the first requirements in this proactive effort is for today's manufacturing executive teams to learn how to perform Design Reviews and Product Safety - Hazard Analysis Reviews in order to help identify and prevent the possibilities of launching a defective designed product. Almost every manufacturing company already feels they're properly conducting design reviews, only to find that they're not even coming close. And they don't understand the difference between Design Reviews and Product Safety Reviews, nor did anyone probability ever receive formal training in Hazards Analysis and Risk Assessments.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Understanding the real objective of a Design Review
  • How the Design Review differs from the Product Safety Review
  • Identifying hazards and performing risk assessments
  • Knowing standards for Warning Label design as well as Instructions

Who Will Benefit:

  • The Heads of Quality
  • The Heads Engineering
  • New Product Development
  • Product Safety Head
  • Product Testing & Reliability Head
  • Sales, Purchasing, Customer Service, Manufacturing And the Legal Department

Speaker Profile
Randy Goodden is recognized as a leading expert on Product Safety and Product Liability Prevention around the world by manufacturing corporations, insurance companies, international television news networks, government agencies, professional associations, and numerous publications.

He has taught PS&LP to thousands of manufacturing executives worldwide at his seminars, as well as being brought in-house by some of the largest corporations.

He is the author of the best-selling books "Lawsuit! Reducing the Risk of Product Liability for Manufacturers", "Product Liability Prevention - A Strategic Guide", and Preventing & Handling Product Liability which have sold thousands of copies worldwide, and have even become course books at universities. In addition, he has authored other Legal reference and Quality books.

He teaches Product Safety, Recall Readiness, and Product Liability Prevention seminars all around the world. He teaches public and in-house seminars to manufacturing management throughout the United States, the UK, Europe, throughout China, as well as Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and India.

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