Introduction to Industrial Microbiology

Neal Machtiger
Neal Machtiger
60 Minutes
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Why are we concerned about microbiology and what has it to do with the manufacture and sale of consumer products What are bacteria, yeasts and fungi? How can the presence of microorganisms pose a threat to the manufacture of qualify products? More simply stated, what are the characteristics of these organisms, where are they found? Now can such organisms affect our products?

Why should you Attend:

  • What is the science of Microbiology?
  • Why do I need to learn basic Microbiology?
  • How does Microbiology apply to the products of my company?
  • Are there differences in the application of Microbiology to different products?
  • What laboratory tests are used to check for the presence of undesirable microorganisms in process water, raw materials and finished products?

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • What and bacteria, and where are they found?
  • How about yeasts and fungi?
  • What are susceptible products
  • What can happen if they find their way to susceptible products
  • Basic approaches to Microbiological Control

Who Will Benefit:
  • Plant Managers of facilities making susceptible products
  • QC/QA Supervisors
  • Laboratory Personnel responsible for monitoring plant quality programs
  • Laboratory Technicians charged with microbiological testing

Speaker Profile
Neal Machtiger Ph.D. microbiologist with 30 years experience in the microbiology of the Personal Care, Coatings and Consumer Product businesses. Dynamic leader of teams charged with innovation in the areas of new biocide formulations, rapid microbiological methods, product preservation, cGMP compliance and laboratory automation.

Excellent oral and written communication skills. Highly effective trainer of technical, non-technical and manufacturing plant personnel in applied microbiology and microbiological product quality assurance.

Excellent working relationship with technical and operations staff of customers in the Personal Care, HI&I, Coatings and other related industries.

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