Excel LOOKUP Functions and Beyond in Microsoft Excel

Dennis Taylor
Dennis Taylor
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
60 Minutes

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Built in to Excel are over 475 functions - a potent set of power tools that simplifies many different kinds of formulas and gives you a huge number of computational possibilities.

Some of the more important Excel functions are those categorized as Lookup and Reference functions. In addition to the widely used VLOOKUP function (and its companion HLOOKUP), significant functions like MATCH, INDEX, and CHOOSE are also needed at different times to retrieve data from lists and tables. Two new functions - XLOOKUP and XMATCH - provide powerful new capabilities and ease of use and can ultimately replace the use of VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and MATCH functions.

Exciting new lookup functions include the dynamic array functions UNIQUE, FILTER, SORT, and SORTBY. In addition, the CHOOSE and SWITCH functions provide lookup capabilities without requiring the need for an external searchable list.

This session presents in-depth coverage of all these functions, as well as providing attendees with the perspective they need to understand the scope and depth of these important Excel features.

Why you should Attend: Among Excel's 475+ functions is a category - Lookup & Reference - that contains some of the most important and widely used of all Excel functions.

In fact, based on Microsoft analysis of Excel usage, the VLOOKUP function is the third most frequently used function (after SUM and AVERAGE) in Excel. This webinar focuses on not only VLOOKUP, but also companion functions - HLOOKUP, INDEX, and MATCH - that have long been available in Excel, but also the newer functions, like XLOOKUP, which will ultimately replace both VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, and the XMATCH function, a replacement for the widely used MATCH function.

In addition to providing examples on the more significant lookup functions (there are 26 of them), this webinar gives you insight into Excel's new calculation engine that can provide multiple answers from a single formula that spills results into adjacent cells.

All examples will be presented within the context of Excel worksheets based on real-life examples encountered over the past 25 years of Excel consulting and teaching experience.

Numerous productivity tips, shortcuts, and accelerator tools will be presented throughout the session.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Learn how to look up information in tables and reconcile different lists using the VLOOKUP function, and its companion, HLOOKUP
  • Learn how to use the new XLOOKUP function -easier to use than VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, and greatly expanding on the capability of those functions
  • Learn how to use the MATCH and INDEX functions for matching and extracting data from tables and lists
  • Learn how to use the new XMATCH function that replaces MATCH and expands its functionality
  • Learn how to use the CHOOSE and SWITCH functions to match data with lists embedded within the functions
  • Learn how to use the new UNIQUE function to extract unique data from a list
  • Learn how to use the new FILTER function to extract filtered data from a list while leaving the source data untouched
  • Learn how to use the new SORT and SORTBY functions to create sorted lists of data while leaving the source list unaltered

Who Will Benefit:
  • Any Excel user who needs to become familiar with vital Excel functions increasingly needed by most Excel users

Speaker Profile
Dennis Taylor has worked extensively with Microsoft Excel since the mid-1990s. He's traveled the United States and Canada presenting seminars and classes to help attendees unlock the full potential of Excel.

Accomplishments: Dennis has authored and presented nearly 700 webinars on various Excel topics in the past 11 years. He has also produced numerous Excel courses on video, CD, and DVD and has taught more than 500 seminars and over 5,000 classes on the subject. Dennis is the author/presenter of over 200 hours of online Excel courses available at LinkedIn Learning. Dennis also authored Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2000 and coauthored five other titles in this field.

He's taught for numerous corporations, government agencies and colleges and universities, including: Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon, Levi Strauss, Chevron, BP, IBM, Apple, Driscoll's, Amgen, AT&T, Qwest, Anheuser-Busch, Starz-Encore, University of Phoenix, University of Colorado, US Department of Labor, Bureau of Land Management, Great-West Life Insurance, Texaco, Lexmark, Time-Warner, Environmental Protection Agency, National Seminars, and the Cities of Denver, Boulder, Longmont, and Westminster, CO.

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