Compliance and Continual Improvement, Tools of the Trade

Rodriguez Gonzalez
Rodriguez Gonzalez
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Meeting regulatory specifications is the minimum that a business needs to get done to operate in a market without falling in the risk of non-compliance. This type of requirements are analog to those required by the customers, and the Continual Improvement tools used for quality control are interchangeable. The idea of this webinar is to provide a visualization of regulatory requirements from a Continual Improvement angle. Ideas and examples of how Continual Improvement tools can be utilized to facilitate the management of regulatory issues will be provided.

Why should you Attend:

To learn how to simplify the management of regulatory requirements by using Continual Improvement perspectives and implementing techniques. This webinar is not about monotonous reviewing of the regulations applied to food businesses, on the opposite the presentation will be engaging, and take a logical approach to meeting regulatory requirements.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Compliance (to whom and why?)
  • Overview of Regulations Applied to Food products
  • Benchmarking and Auditing
  • Meeting Specifications - Sampling Plans
  • Handling Errors - Root Cause Analysis
  • Review of concepts

Who Will Benefit:

  • Food Safety and Quality Managers
  • Food Safety Practitioners
  • HACCP developers
  • Global Traders
  • New Product New Market Developers
  • Regulatory officers
  • Consultants
  • Students

Speaker Profile
Oscar Rodriguez Gonzalez is an entrepreneur and consultant who manages Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services. His current credentials include Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Professional Agrologist, Certified Food Scientist, Certified Sustainability Professional. He also obtained a PhD in Food Science (University of Guelph) and MSc in Biological and Agricultural Engineering (Texas A&M University) where his work with colleagues resulted in 10 scientific publications.

His areas of consulting include Food Safety Auditing, Continual Improvement, Energy Efficiency, and Sustainability Management applied to the Food and Beverages sector. His recent projects include: conducting a series of presentations at Process Expo 2013, winning a problem solving challenge with a team at IdeaConnection, performing Food Safety Audits by contract, assisting in the acquisition of SQF certification and a series of studies in the usage of Energy and Sustainability metrics in the Food and Beverage sector.

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