Aerospace - AS9100 vs ISO 9001

Jason Teliszczak
Jason Teliszczak
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AS9100 was released in 1999, and was based on ISO 9001. As many different organizations wanted a standard for their industry, ISO 9001 did not cover all of the aspects needed to ensure safe materials and manufactured goods were acceptable for their aerospace applications.

AS9100 takes the ISO 9001 requirements and supplements them with additional quality system requirements, which are established by the aerospace industry in order to satisfy DOD, NASA and FAA quality requirements. The intent of AS9100 is to establish a single quality management system for use within the aerospace industry.

Just as ISO 9001 has been updated to new and improved versions over the years, so has AS9100. Luckily the standards have run parallel to provide a more uniform system for organization to follow. This ensures that many QMS systems can remain streamlined, opposed to being segmented between the standards.

If your organization wishes to venture into the aerospace realm, then it could also consider the different standards within 9100. ISO 9001 was created to fit any organization, and then the organization could tailor their systems to the standard. With 9100, there are specifics that now are available. Such as AS9120 - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Distributors. This is an aerospace standard that adds specific requirements that are relevant for specific retailers or pass-through distributors. AS9110 adds specific requirements that are critical for the maintenance of commercial, private, and military aircrafts. This standard defines the quality system requirements based on AS9100 and includes additional criteria for maintenance repair and overhaul facilities (MRO's) serving the aircraft industry. The industry has moved toward requiring their subcontractors and suppliers to be AS9100 compliant and/or certified.

By becoming registered to AS9100 or by conforming to the standard, suppliers can gain a competitive advantage and benefit from the improved processes and continuous improvement that is the foundation of ISO 9001 certified Quality Management Systems.

Why should you attend:

  • Do you know the difference between AS9100 vs ISO 9001?
  • Can your organization pass an audit?
  • Is the process identified and appropriately defined (inputs, outputs, resources & controls) within one's system?
  • Are responsibilities of process owners and process performers assigned?
  • Is your current process effective in achieving the desired results?
  • Does your process address applicable customer specific requirements?
  • Is the process performance regularly reviewed by Top management?
  • Does your system include all of the core elements for each certification, and do you know how they differ?
  • Is it better to implement one standard at a time, or both at the same time?
  • What standard will boost our business more?
  • How much does each standard cost to be audited to?

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Differences between 9001 & 9100
  • Similarities between 9001 & 9100
  • Reduce the risk of product or service mistakes and fatal failures with 9100
  • Demonstrate effective quality management to achieve better business
  • Get a listing in the Online Supplier Information System (OASIS) database if you become 9100
  • Continually improve and win international growth opportunities with either standard

Who Will Benefit:
  • QC Managers
  • Compliance Managers
  • QA/QC Staff
  • Sales
  • Quality Managers

Speaker Profile
Mr. Jason Teliszczak is an entrepreneur with a passion for ensuring safety through proper food processes and strengthening security for organizations to make the world a more secure place. After earning a B.S. in Environmental academia and to ensure his vision would not be put to waste, he built his own successful consulting firm, JT Environmental Consulting, and has quickly become an expert within the Food Safety and Food Defense industries. With more than a decade of consulting experience, Mr. Teliszczak assists his clients in setting targets and achieving goals. Organizations throughout the world, from large corporations within the US to companies and non-for-profits with under 25 employees, utilize Mr. Teliszczak's expertise & knowledge to perform compliance audits, internal audits, and to become certified to many different standards.

Mr. Teliszczak continues to streamline growth within the industry through working closely with Registrars, and by updating, incorporating and strengthening new standards. Mr. Teliszczak currently sits on numerous committees within organizations such as ASIS and NSF to develop standards for auditing, supply chain risk management and security officers. Mr. Teliszczak continues to stay focused on the ever changing industry by being certified as a CPP, a HACCP Manager, and holds many other certifications. /"

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