4-Hour Virtual Seminar

4-Hour Virtual Seminar on Lessons Learned from the History of Pandemics Impacting the Food Industry, Implementing a Risk-Based Plan with Next Steps for Industry After COVID-19

Gina Reo
Gina Reo
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
09:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM EST
4 Hours

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There is a broad need to understand the impact of global influenza outbreaks for the food industry. Understanding the potential for pandemics will be detailed, along with historical dive into past episodes in the food industry. Drilling more deeply into nuances of the COV-19 will also be explored for application of best practices and early frustrations of the impact pushing organizations beyond their comfort zones.

Explanation of how to incorporate a risk review into a company crisis program as well as watch-outs on the virus or multiple crisis impacts will be presented. Examples of converging crisis’s such as labor shortages, supply delays and disasters (fires, floods, drought, etc.) will be tabled. Key management areas to be covered on Food Safety perspectives, as well as worker safety, HR impact, hygiene, and communication, will be explained.

Risk Planning on Pandemic phasing levels, look at severity steps, support systems, and employee essentials will be reviewed. Planning template will be covered.

Why you should Attend: It is important for organizations to build pandemic planning into their crisis plans and those in the food and beverage industry have unique needs. This webinar will examine influenza epidemics history, impacts to the food industry and outline remedies for successful navigating of this dynamic crisis to de-risk the organization, including long-term survival measures.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Understanding Influenza
  • Foodborne Globalization Epidemic Impact History
  • Novel Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Pandemic Triggers
  • Pandemic Severity
  • Risk & Response Checklists
  • Pandemic Planning
  • Business Continuity
  • Plan Essentials
  • Preparedness Food & Beverage
  • Other Influenza Considerations
  • Coronavirus
  • Communication
  • Hygiene, Sanitation, Community Spread
  • Key Management Fundamentals
  • Communication
  • Worker Safety/OSHA/CDC/Local Health Agencies
  • HR Standards
  • Government Role with Business Partners
  • Forward Actions
Who Will Benefit:
  • Food Industry Senior Leadership
  • Plant management
  • warehousing managers/leads
  • Maintenance and engineering leads/supervisors
  • Procurement team leads
  • Quality Control/Assurance and Food Safety professionals
  • Supervisors, leads, Managers
  • Operations managers/supervisors
  • Regulatory professionals
  • R & D or Product Developers professionals
  • Corporate quality managers
  • Operations personnel
  • Senior management
  • Plant management personnel, PCQI’s
  • Third parties developing HACCP plans
  • Auditors and those with food safety inspection roles
  • Validation specialists
  • Food Industry Consultants
  • Quality system auditors
  • Sanitation personnel
  • communication
  • IT
  • Procurement
  • Crisis Mgt. and coordinators

Speaker Profile
Gina Reo President, QAS, (Quality Assurance Strategies, LLC), private consultation for the Food and Beverage Industry specializing in Global Food Safety and Quality with expertise in Regulatory Compliance, Prop 65, Crisis Management, Business Integration and Due Diligence M & A Compliance Risk Assessments.

Formerly, Vice President, Food Safety, Weston Foods (WF), a GWL Canadian company and North American leader in bakery products. Transformed organization toward World Class Excellence for Food Safety by framing Food Safety Roadmap Strategy for fast-tracking compliance to FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), SFCA (Safe Foods for Canadian Act) and new NLEA (Nutrition Labeling Education Act) for US and Canada compliance.

Over 25+ years of food safety and quality experience, after holding successive senior positions with Colgate-Palmolive, Coca-Cola, Bestfoods NA, Unilever, YUM! Brands and Quiznos (Board). Prior to joining Weston Foods, held position of Quality Director with Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods) in Europe, (Zurich, Switzerland) and Cadbury as QA Chocolate Director (Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety) for NA/Europe/Global.

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