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Hany Abou-
Hany Abou- El-Fotouh
Director Internal Audit, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Baker Tilly Kuwait

Hany Abou-El-Fotouh is highly trained expert in several corporate areas, innovative instructor and approved trainer by leading training institutes. In my career, I've trained thousands of employees, rolled out new initiatives, managed cross-functional projects. Over the past 30+ years I have demonstrated my passion for achieving business goals and objectives while providing forward-thinking leadership in demanding environments. I leverage on my GCC experience coupled with strong administrative management skills to advise organizations on compliance, AML, and corporate governance and internal audit issues.

My understanding of the business needs of the financial services industry have enabled me to deal with the most important elements in solving today's business problems: people, and bottom-line results. I work with clients on a strategic level to create solutions that meet their goals.Likewise, I employ the most qualified and creative consultants. I've spent many years in banking before I move to consulting. In my career, I've assumed senior positions and spearheaded governance & compliance function in several banks.

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