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Ronald Ramsdell
Founder and President, College Aid Consulting Services

Ronald Ramsdell Founder and President of College Aid Consulting Services is thoroughly trained in the Federal Methodology, Institutional Methodology, Consensus Methodology and all the rules and regulations governing Financial Aid. His 26 years of experience has intensified his advocacy for improvements in the identification of Financial Aid opportunities and matching the right programs with family’s needs. Over the years, Mr. Ramsdell has shared his expertise in assisting thousands of families in achieving their goal of post-secondary education while reducing their out-of-pocket expenses.

Major corporations have invited Mr. Ramsdell to present his highly informative seminars as a benefit for their employees. The success of these seminars has attracted national attention resulting in an article on the face page of The Wall Street Journal. In addition, Mr. Ramsdell has frequently appeared on television and radio talk shows to educate listeners on pragmatic approaches to obtain maximum Financial Aid benefits. Furthermore, Mr. Ramsdell conducts Financial Aid nights for high schools and community education programs instructing parents of college-bound students. His entire organization has assisted over 18,000 families in the receipt of optimum Financial Aid benefits for their students.

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