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Joseph Habarta
Principal, J. Habarta Consulting

Joseph Habarta Ph.D. is founder and principal of J. Habarta Consulting that provides specialized consulting and assistance in the areas of international GMP and quality for the biotechnology and pharma industries. He brings over 35 years of experience in these industries and has been a senior quality executive in both large pharma and start-up biotech organizations. His accomplishments range from numerous successful international PAI inspections to the establishment and advancement of cGMP quality organizations in many companies.

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Joseph Habarta

Pharma Contract Manufacturing: Managing Quality and Technical Agreements

The identification and arrangement with a contract service provider (CSP) for the manufacture or testing of an early or late stage pharma product provides many opportunities as well as pitfalls. The reasons for turning to a CSP frequently are due to resources, either capital or monetary, headcount or level of expertise, technical capabilities or most commonly TIME. Meeting timelines and doing it right in the development and realization of a pharma product can be at loggerheads with one and another and turning to a CSP can be the answer.

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Joseph Habarta

Development and Implementation of an Internal Auditing Program as part of a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Quality System

This course will describe the basis for the performance and tools and techniques for performing internal audits in support of the development and manufacture of a pharmaceutical drug product.

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