50001:2018 PPT-Employee Training Materials

Use this PowerPoint material to educate groups on the ISO 50001:2018 standard. Tailor it to fit your audience. Educate employees as your company implements ISO certification. Use the quizzes to ensure they comprehend the information and the Certificate as a record of the ISO 50001 training.
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As the Energy system training is about to begin, and to retain documented information as evidence of training, have the students sign in with the Group training record form.
Let the students know that there will be (4) short quizzes for them to complete,
Explain that the quizzes are not a test but an exercise to get them familiar with the standard and to indicate how well they understood the Employee Training overview.
Tell them that a Certificate of Completion will be presented to the students who have satisfactorily understood the material and have actively participated in the training.
The quizzes are included in the last (6) pages of both the trainer guide and the student manual.
Good luck with this important ISO 50001:2018 training.