Compliance4alllearning.com provides high quality regulatory and compliance training at very affordable prices. Our aim is to enable participants to get the most of the collective industry experience of our Experts and help them stay abreast of the latest, at a very competitive price. With these trainings, professionals in the regulatory and compliance industries get the best out of the Experts' expertise of the intimate, day-to-day goings-on in the industry, without having to pay a fortune for it. With the aid of these trainings; participants can update their understanding of the latest developments in the industry, but at a far lower price than industry standards.

Are Compliance4alllearning.com's webinars interactive?

Yes! Compliance4alllearning.com organizes live webinars, which are sessions meant for interactivity with the Expert. We believe that satisfying your doubts about the subject is the most important reason for which you should take part in a learning session with an Expert.

What does Compliance4alllearning.com's panel of Experts consist of?

We network with Experts who have been around in the industry for decades. They are well known in the industry circles for the depth of knowledge and experience they carry with them. Each of our webinars carries the profile of the Expert. This will give you an idea of the kind of Experts on our panel.

How do I join a webinar?

You can use either a PC or a Mac® to join a webinar. Two days or more to the start of the learning session, we will send you an email, which will invite you to the webinar. All you need to do is select the "Join a webinar" button by clicking the link, after which you will need to enter your name and email address.

Does Compliance4alllearning.com offer a recording of the session that I can I can listen to later, if for some reason I am unable to attend the live webinar?

Yes! Compliance4alllearning.com gives you a recording of the webinars. This is a recording of the complete webinar, from the first minute to the last, and includes the Q&A session that participants have with the Expert.

How do I register for a Compliance4alllearning.com webinar?

Registering for a Compliance4alllearning.com webinar is simple. As a first step, you need to make a one-time registration. Just create a unique user ID which can be used every time you visit our website in the future. Using this ID, you can access all details of our trainings, such as the Live/Recorded you have purchased till date. This ID also enables you to print an invoice or alter the characteristics of a purchase.

After registering, simply select the training that you want to purchase, and that is it. Here, you can also select the number of attendees you would want taking part in.

Once you have selected this, you will be led to the shopping cart, on which you will come across a simple ordering process that consists of four easy steps:

Confirm the order and enter the billing details, which include your credit card information=>Before making the payment, our website will ask you to re-confirm the training that you want to undertake=>After finishing the payment process, you are on the last page of the shopping cart, from where you can print the receipt if you would like to=>A confirmatory email that has information relating to the payment receipt is sent to your e-mail id simultaneously=>You will get the instructions for joining in the webinar and access information (link, login and password) 48 hours before the start of a Live webinar or 24 hours for recorded webinars

Hey...looks like I have not received the email invitation with the link for the webinar

No cause for worry! Please ensure that the email ID that you have provided while signing up with us is correct. If it is, kindly check your Spam/Bulk Mail Folder. If you are still unable to find this email, you can contact our Customer Support Team by email or phone. All details relating to these are given in the Contact Us page.

Which is the ideal time to login for the webinar?

We suggest that you log in at least 20 minutes before the start of the webinar. This is essentially a thumb rule, and we suggest this just so that you have enough time to check if your computer's audio and video are fine. It is easy to check this: We will send you a mail a few days before the scheduled date and time of the webinar with instructions about how to check your system settings for compatibility.

We have another suggestion: Just make sure you also test your system at least an hour before the scheduled start of the webinar.

What is your policy on refund? How do I go about it?

Let us say you are unable to attend a Live webinar that you registered for. Nothing to worry: You can email us, making a request for a refund within 48 hours of the scheduled start of the webinar. In this mail, just make sure you mention these details: The name of the course, date of purchase and the reason for the refund request. We will consider and respond to your request within two business days of the receipt of your request.

In case there is a no-show, or your PC or the server does not function, we will not provide a refund. However, you can make attendee substitutions at any time.

Are your webinars secure?

We host our webinars with WebEx. This ensures complete privacy and security. WebEx comes with encrypted and continuous security measures meant for protecting user privacy.

What infrastructure do I need for attending a webinar?

You would need just these: A telephone and a computer with a browser and an Internet connection that is fast enough for you to pick up these sessions. You can have complete details of the minimum system requirement for the ideal performance of the conferencing tool from this link:


Does Compliance4alllearning.com offer the option of viewing presentations in full-screen format?

Yes. You can toggle between Full Screen and Window viewing.

How do I get help if I need it during the webinar?

You can send a chat message and communicate with your Host from Compliance4alllearning.com, who will be present to support you throughout the webinar. Our host will resolve any issue at your end.

Am I permitted to ask questions during the live webinar?

Of course, yes! We in fact, encourage you to do that. Just type your question at any time during the live webinar, once the presentation begins.

NB: If the Expert feels that your question is related to the section that is being presented, he/she might provide an answer immediately. If not, the Expert might keep it with him/her to clarify or explain later, in the Q&A section, which is at the end of the session.

If in case the Expert is not able to answer your questions during the webinar; our team from Compliance4alllearning.com will make sure that your questions are answered in a personal e-mail after the webinar.

Can I share my Recorded webinar access link or content with others?

The link is meant exclusively for you to access. We have mentioned this clearly in the Terms and Conditions agreed to before the purchase was made. If a person other than you wants to view this Recorded webinar, he or she must purchase it separately for themselves. Please note that the Recorded webinar is available for viewing only via streaming method and cannot be downloaded.

Is there a cap on the duration and number of times I can view the Recorded webinar?

Take your pick! You can view it as many times as you want to, from any location, within the validity period! You can have such an access to a webinar for six months from the date you receive the email invitation.

What are the differences between the advantages of a Live and Recorded webinar?

Both these kinds of webinars come with their own unique advantages.

Advantages of a Live webinar:
  • Has the Expert at the session, so is fully interactive
  • Offers Q and A session with the presenter
  • Comes with chat and slide annotation
Advantages of a Recorded session:
  • Offers complete flexibility of viewing at a time and location of your convenience
  • Can be viewed repeatedly, enhancing and fortifying your understanding

We hope all your queries and doubts have been clarified! If you still need something that needs being clarified, please do not hesitate to our customer care at

support@compliance4alllearning.com or call us at 1-800-447-9407.